Fake Aces Premium Poker Sets

Raising the Bar

At FAKE ACES, we're all in on poker. Our mission is to transform home poker games by providing premium poker sets and accessories, ensuring you'll always have an ace up your sleeve when it comes to quality gameplay.

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Fake Aces Premium Poker Sets

Pick the Perfect Poker Set Size for Your Game

500 Piece poker set

Raise the stakes of your poker night with our 500 Piece Poker Set, designed to cater to high-rolling games and thrilling tournaments for up to 10 players. With a versatile range of chip denominations, you'll have the winning hand in tailoring the perfect betting structure for an all-in gaming experience that leaves everyone at the table bluffing their way to the top.

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300 Piece poker set

Deal yourself into memorable and intimate poker nights with our 300 Piece Poker Set, expertly designed for up to 6 players. This sleek and portable set offers premium quality and convenience, making it the perfect choice for cozy gatherings with close friends or family members, as you bluff, call, and raise your way to victory in style.

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Fake Aces Premium Poker Sets and Accessories

LUXE Poker Table Mats

Transform your poker game with our LUXE Poker Table Mats, available in both Black and Red. Expertly designed with a sleek waterproof, felt surface and a robust rubber base, these mats take your gaming to a new level. Each mat offers enough space for up to 8 players, making it an excellent choice for hosting. Dive into an upgraded poker experience with FAKE ACES.

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Winning Experiences

Timothy P.

The chips are heavy clay chips that experienced poker players would enjoy playing with. Definitely impressive for friends to check out when you bust these out. 5/5


As a life long poker player, I can say that this chip set is among the best I’ve ever used. Heavy solid clay feel. Beautiful clean look. Clear and well defined denominations.


Absolutely love this set. The chips are heavy and feel amazing like you’re at an actual casino. The case looks awesome and is different from all the other basic silver poker cases.


Love these chips almost exactly like casino chips, and have all the denominations
They have made are home game so much easier
Great colors and a great case


These poker chips are fantastic! They feel good sound heavy duty and are labeled with $ amount which makes it super easy when bidding and calling. Don't look anywhere else buy these chip they are top notch for the price

Fake Aces Premium Poker Sets

Deal. Stack. Play

Explore our poker sets

Meet FAKE ACES premium poker set, designed to bring the casino to you. We pride ourselves on our high-quality, sophisticated, yet durable poker sets that will raise the stakes of your Friday night games.

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Fake Aces Premium Poker Sets

Poker Chips

Our poker sets feature 14-gram clay composite chips with denominations, designed to make a lasting impression. These high-quality, weighty chips are crafted from an anti-slip clay composite material, ensuring stable stacking without the risk of toppling.

Playing Cards

Included are 2 sets of our uniquely-designed metallic gold Fake Aces playing cards. They're thick, strong and made from high quality paper stock. Our cards add a touch of elegance while feeling great to shuffle and play with.


Each poker set comes complete with Large Dealer, Small Blind, and Big Blind buttons, ensuring effortless tracking of your game's progress. These essential components enhance your gaming experience by providing clear role indicators and facilitating seamless play.


Our premium poker sets come with an added bonus: 5 high-quality dice, specifically designed for playing exciting casino games like Craps. This allows you to broaden your gaming horizons, exploring a variety of casino classics during your game nights.

Chip Set Case

Our carry-able, durable and scratch-resistant case, is made from the same ABS material also commonly used for travel suitcases. It has a micro-diamond texture, an added aluminium interlocking edging and 2 lockable latches giving the case extra strength and durability. Featuring an unbreakable felt lined inner tray designed to hold all the sets components safely in place.

Fake Aces Premium Poker Sets and Accessories

The Perfect Gift

Looking for a winning gift idea for the poker enthusiast in your life? Create unforgettable memories and share exciting moments as they call bluffs and rake in the chips. Go all in with a premium poker set from Fake Aces.

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Fake Aces Premium Poker Sets and Accessories

About Us

At Fake Aces we love the game so much we wanted to offer poker products that stand out from the rest. Our aim is to offer high quality products, and an opportunity to create a community. Grab your friends, family and neighbours and enjoy games night like no other with FAKE ACES. Go all in.

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